What is
Talent 4 Startups?

The Talent 4 Startups program supports the training of African talent in tech and digital professions, as well as their placement in startups.

Today, the Talent 4 Startups community brings together 300 alumni trained in 2022 and 1,500 talents who will be trained in the coming months by our various edtech partners.

The program is aimed at young people aged 18 to 35, whether they are already tech pros or enthusiastic beginners!


Talent 4 Startups in figures:

  • + 20 edtech partners
  • 20 countries covered by training courses
  • 19,000 candidates on the program
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Talent 4 Startups is an integrated program developed and founded by Digital Africa meeting the needs of African early stage startups to recruit qualified talent, while offering training and then employment opportunities to young people benefiting from dedicated scholarships. These scholarships are deployed by partner training schools for tech and digital professions.