Frequently asked questions

What training courses are available in my country?

    Can I still apply?

    The platform has been closed since February 25 2024.

    Why apply to the Talent 4 Startups program?

    - Are you just starting out in the tech industry?

    Are you interested in tech and want to train in this field? Then grab your chance and apply for a Talent 4 Startups training program! 

    These courses will enable you to explore these exciting professions up close, and specialize in areas such as project management, UI/UX design, development (front-end, back-end, etc.), digital marketing, and much more!

    Last year, almost 300 learners tried their hand at this adventure, and today, 70% of them are working in this dynamic sector.

    - Already have experience in the tech industry?

    Do you want to develop your skills or strengthen the skills of tech profiles within your startup/company? Seize the opportunity to perfect your skills or acquire new ones with the Talent 4 Startups program.

    These training courses are designed to improve your own skills or to enhance the skills of your tech team members. A unique opportunity to take your tech business to the next level!

    How does the selection process work?

    If you decide to apply, this questionnaire is the first step. It enables us to collect all applications. If your profile is eligible, you'll be notified at the end of the questionnaire.

    Then, all eligible candidates will be redirected to our Edtech partners, who will carry out the 2nd stage of selection, which varies from partner to partner, but you can expect interviews or short tests.

    When can I expect an answer?

    The second selection stage varies from one edtech partner to another. Some partners have longer processes than others. In these cases, you'll have to wait several weeks or even a few months (maximum 2 months from the end of the call for applications).

    Training courses will start soon after the selection process (spring 2024).

    Can I train for any of the jobs listed? What if the course of my choice doesn't appear in the country where I live?

    Unfortunately not! Training courses are deployed by our partners, who have a presence in specific countries. Today, the Talent 4 Startups program is present in some 20 countries in Africa, with 40 possible training courses.

    This means that depending on where you live, only certain courses will be available. To find out if the course you want is available in your country, please fill in the application form!

    If I am selected, what does the training grant include? Are the courses free?

    That depends on the training partner! Everything will be specified in the 2nd selection stage. Depending on the partner, the Talent 4 Startups program will cover all or part of the training costs. What's certain is that each training course has been designed to be inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

    Are training courses face-to-face, online or in a hybrid format?

    It depends on the Edtech partner. This is specified in the questionnaire.

    What skills can I develop?

    If you are selected, you will develop operational, technical and human skills (remember: the latter are essential in the eyes of your future employers!). Here are some of them:

    Technical skills : 

    • Coding skills

    • Data cleansing, preparation, analysis and exploitation

    • Problem solving

    • Data structures and algorithms

    • Database management

    • Marketing campaign & content management

    • Project & product tech management

    Operational and human resources :

    • Problem solving

    • Content creation

    • Critical thinking

    • Communication 

    • Presentation and public speaking skills

    What is "edtech"?

    An Edtech, or "education technology", is a company that uses technology to offer innovative solutions in the field of education. ULesson, Duolingo and Coursera are all edtechs!